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Chicken Tanduri full

Send this spicy Chicken Tanduri full to your children,family or friends in Bangladesh on any sp..

$17.95 Ex Tax: $17.95

Chicken wings 12 pcs

Send fast food from CFC to your dearest one on valetine's day. It includes:12 pcs chicken wings..

$11.85 Ex Tax: $11.85

chocolate and flower gift for valentine

send token of love on Valentine's day,birthday to your dearest one in Bangladesh.Comb..

$32.10 Ex Tax: $32.10

Chopped Chicken fastfood Gift

Send fast food from FFC to your dearest one in Bangladesh to your dearest one at any time. Order onl..

$6.90 Ex Tax: $6.90

Club Sandwich

Send hot and yummy club sandwich to your friend or family in Bangladesh.It includes Egg, Chicken, To..

$5.54 Ex Tax: $5.54

Teriyaki Chicken Burger gift Bangladesh

Teriyaki Chicken Burger specially favorite to Children and younger. Send this yummy burger to your d..

$7.32 Ex Tax: $7.32

Thai Chicken

8 pieces of crispy 500 ml cokeSend family special Thai chicken to your friends or fam..

$10.20 Ex Tax: $10.20

Thai Chicken Cashewnut Salad

Thai Chicken Cashewnut Salad is teast thai food.-Free delivery in Dhaka city only...

$12.50 Ex Tax: $12.50

Tom Yam Koong

Tom Yam Koong is a prawn soup with mushrooms flavored with galangal, Lemon grass, lemon Leaf. Send t..

$8.21 Ex Tax: $8.21

Tripple whoper chese

Send this fast food item to your friend or family in Bangladesh on any special day.-Same day deliver..

$10.70 Ex Tax: $10.70

Valentine day Special Cake gift bangladesh

Send special cake gift for your valentine.This is vannila cake from CFC.Weight- 2 kg.-Free delivery ..

$43.55 Ex Tax: $43.55

Veggie Lover - Pizza Hut (family Size)

Send gift to Bangladesh, Veggie Lovers Vegetarian Family size -12" Inch pizza from Pizza Hut. A colo..

$26.00 Ex Tax: $26.00

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