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Beef Special Batman Pizza

Send this tasty and delicious special pizza from Cafe Hollywood in Bangladesh to your dearest one,fr..

Tk17.72 Ex Tax: Tk17.72

Beef Steak Burger

Send favorite Beef Steak Burger gift to your friends or family , dearest one in Bangladesh.This deli..

Tk7.75 Ex Tax: Tk7.75

Chicken Pocket with Mashroom Sauce

Send tasty and delicious  Chicken Pocket with Mashroom Sauce gift to your friends or famil..

Tk5.76 Ex Tax: Tk5.76

Chicken Salami Sandwich From Cafe hollywoord

Send Chicken Salami Sandwich to your dearest one to make the moment more enjoyable with this de..

Tk6.20 Ex Tax: Tk6.20

Chicken Steak With Thai Noodles

Chicken Stick with Thai Noodles Served with apple Chilli Sauce or White Mushroom Sauce.Send this spe..

Tk13.18 Ex Tax: Tk13.18

Club Sandwich

Send hot and yummy club sandwich to your friend or family in Bangladesh.It includes Egg, Chicken, To..

Tk5.54 Ex Tax: Tk5.54

Crispy Chicken Fry

Crispy Chicken Fry includes 4 pieces Large chicken.500 ml cokeSend this family special chicken ..

Tk11.20 Ex Tax: Tk11.20

Double Decker Beef Burger from Cafe hollywood

It includes 2 pieces of beef patty with cheese Slice and French fries.Send this yummy and tasty fast..

Tk7.53 Ex Tax: Tk7.53

Dubai Meal

Dubai Meal includes: Peas, Nut Rice, BBQ Chicken, Mixed Vegetables and 200 Ml Pepsi.  S..

Tk7.53 Ex Tax: Tk7.53

Grilled King Prawn with Mushroom gift

Send Grilled King Prawn with Mushroom gift to your dearest one in Bangladesh to make moment mor..

Tk14.40 Ex Tax: Tk14.40

Little Chicken Meal gift to Bangladesh

 Fried Rice, Chili Chicken Gravy, Potato Wedges, 200 ml Pepsi.Send this special meal to yo..

Tk7.09 Ex Tax: Tk7.09

Spaghetti Beef Bologness gift

Send tasty and yummy Spaghetti Beef Bologness food to your friends or family in Bangladesh on a..

Tk7.75 Ex Tax: Tk7.75

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