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Aarong Ghee for pohela Boishakh

Arong produce pure Ghee. It has achieved peoples faith in Bangladesh for its quality. Send Arong Ghe..

$3.80 Ex Tax: $3.80

Badami Laddu from banaful for pohela boishakh-1kg

Order tasty Badami Laddu for your love one is Bangladesh.Send the sweet gift on birthday,valentine's..

$14.60 Ex Tax: $14.60

Bograr Doi original Bangladesh 1kg

Send Bograr Doi (original) to your dear one in Bangladesh.Bograr doi is famous all over the cou..

$9.50 Ex Tax: $9.50

CFC Crispy Chicken Burger

4 pcs CFC Crispy Chicken Burger1/2 ltr cokeSend gift to your friends and family in Bangladesh o..

$18.60 Ex Tax: $18.60

Cheesy Jalapeno Pizza hut

Order Cheesy Jalapeno pizza for your dear one in Bangladesh. It is made with chicken sausage, c..

$32.00 Ex Tax: $32.00

Chicken Salami Sandwich From Cafe hollywoord

Send Chicken Salami Sandwich to your dearest one to make the moment more enjoyable with this de..

$6.20 Ex Tax: $6.20

Chicken Steak With Thai Noodles

Chicken Stick with Thai Noodles Served with apple Chilli Sauce or White Mushroom Sauce.Send this spe..

$13.18 Ex Tax: $13.18

Chicken Strips 12 inch

It will be a great gift for children !!! Send this nice , yummy and delicious Chicken Strips to Bang..

$9.78 Ex Tax: $9.78

Chicken wings 12 pcs

Send fast food from CFC to your dearest one on valetine's day. It includes:12 pcs chicken wings..

$11.85 Ex Tax: $11.85

chocolate and flower gift for valentine

send token of love on Valentine's day,birthday to your dearest one in Bangladesh.Comb..

$32.10 Ex Tax: $32.10

Club Sandwich

Send hot and yummy club sandwich to your friend or family in Bangladesh.It includes Egg, Chicken, To..

$5.54 Ex Tax: $5.54

Corned Beef Sandwich 12 inch

Send tasty and yummy Corned Beef Sandwich to your friends and family,relatives or anyone in Ban..

$10.18 Ex Tax: $10.18

Country Feast -Pizza Hut

Send gift to Bangladesh, Country Feast Vegetarian Family size -12" Inch pizza from Pizza Hut. A visu..

$24.00 Ex Tax: $24.00

CP Jumbo Set Fried Chicken gift with soft drink Bangladesh

4 Breasts 4 Thighs8 sauces 2 liter  CokeSend fried chicken gift to Ban..

$17.90 Ex Tax: $17.90

Crispy Chicken Fry

Crispy Chicken Fry includes 4 pieces Large chicken.500 ml cokeSend this family special chicken ..

$11.20 Ex Tax: $11.20

Double Decker Beef Burger from Cafe hollywood

It includes 2 pieces of beef patty with cheese Slice and French fries.Send this yummy and tasty fast..

$7.53 Ex Tax: $7.53

Double Mutton Chese Burger

Send Double Mutton Chese Burger fastfood to anybody in Bangladesh. Order online-Free delivery i..

$11.41 Ex Tax: $11.41

Dubai Meal

Dubai Meal includes: Peas, Nut Rice, BBQ Chicken, Mixed Vegetables and 200 Ml Pepsi.  S..

$7.53 Ex Tax: $7.53

Fakruddin Biryani

Send gift to Bangladesh for your family. Famous Fakruddin Biryani in each Box. And free 250 ml RC ..

$7.00 Ex Tax: $7.00

Fakruddin Biryani with Chicken Roast

Famous Fakruddin Biryani with Chicken Roast in each Box. And free 250 ml RC cola. * Same Day..

$8.50 Ex Tax: $8.50

Fried Chicken (Family Size) From CFC

Send this delicious fried chicken from CFC to your friends or family in Bangladesh in any occasion.F..

$28.60 Ex Tax: $28.60

Fried Chicken Meal (2 set)

 2 Pcs Fried ChickenFrench friescoleslaw1 pcs Dinner RollSoft drinks 250 ml in each set. S..

$12.68 Ex Tax: $12.68

Fried Chicken Meal ventine special (2 set)

Send valentine special cfc fast food to your dearest one in Bangladesh. Each set includes:2 Pcs..

$11.82 Ex Tax: $11.82

Fried Chicken with Green Salad

 5pcs smokey fried chicken with fresh green saladSend crispy and tasty smokey fried chicke..

$11.72 Ex Tax: $11.72

Gai Pad Med-Mamung

 stir fried chicken, cashew nut and steam rice. It may be a decent dish for people who do not l..

$9.10 Ex Tax: $9.10

Giant Meal from BFC

5 pcs chicken1 French friecoleslaw2 buns 1/2 ltr coke.Send popular BFC fast food to Bangla..

$26.70 Ex Tax: $26.70

Gift Sea Food Pizza & Soft Drinks to abngladesh

 Sea Food Pizza is tasty treat with shrimp, tuna, marinated in this special seasonings topped w..

$27.65 Ex Tax: $27.65

Grilled Chicken

Gift for Bangladesh 1pc Grilled Chicken full. * Same day delivery available in Dhaka.  ..

$9.00 Ex Tax: $9.00

Grilled King prawn gift to Bangladesh

Send this grilled King prawn with special sauce gift to Bangladesh. It is most delicious to foo..

$27.59 Ex Tax: $27.59

Grilled Whole Fish

Send this most popular nice and yummy Grilled Fish Fry to your special one, friends and family in Ba..

$19.16 Ex Tax: $19.16

Happy Valentines Cake- Shumi's

Happy Valentines/Birthday Cake Back-forest/Chocolate/Vanilla Flavor  from Shumi's Hot Cake with..

$0.00 Ex Tax: $0.00

Horlicks & Biscuits

Send gift to Bangladeh 800gm horlicks and a large packet horlicks biscuit for your closest one. Same..

$14.00 Ex Tax: $14.00

Hot Dog and Chicken Ball gift to Bangladesh

10 pcs Happy Hot Dog10 Pcs Chicken Ball10 Pcs Souces 2 liter cokeSend hot and spicy fast food i..

$18.65 Ex Tax: $18.65

Hot Spicy Jumboo Set Fried Chicken

Send Hot Spicy Jumboo Set Fried Chicken gift to Bangladesh to your dearest one ,relative or any..

$22.36 Ex Tax: $22.36

Kaeng Kiew-Wan Gai

Chicken with green curry, Coconut milk and steam rice. Thai green curry is fiery hot with a hint of ..

$9.20 Ex Tax: $9.20

KFC Combo 2

Send Gift To Bangladesh For Your Selected Person-1) Colonel Fillet Burger2) 1 PC Chicken3) 1 Regular..

$9.00 Ex Tax: $9.00

KFC Combo 5

Send Gift To Bangladesh For Your Selected Person-1) Zinger Burger2) 1 Regular Fries3) 1 Regular 250m..

$10.00 Ex Tax: $10.00

Khao Pad Talay thai food

Fried rice with mixed sea foods and pong-Karee. It is a simple food but tasty. Order Khao Pad Talay ..

$7.80 Ex Tax: $7.80

Little Chicken Meal gift to Bangladesh

 Fried Rice, Chili Chicken Gravy, Potato Wedges, 200 ml Pepsi.Send this special meal to yo..

$7.09 Ex Tax: $7.09

Mee Krob RAD-NA

Mee Krob RAD-NA is crispy egg noodle topped with superb sauce, shrimp, chicken, straw mushroom, and ..

$8.10 Ex Tax: $8.10

Osso Bucco Steak

Osso Bucco Steak served with Apple Chili Sauce or White Mushroom Sauce.Send this yummy and delicious..

$14.40 Ex Tax: $14.40


PAD THAI NOODLES is  popular to all for smoky flavor.It  includes rice noodles, Capsi..

$8.53 Ex Tax: $8.53

Spicy Beef -Pizza Hut

Send gift to Bangladesh, Spicy Beef Non Vegetarian Family size -12" Inch pizza from Pizza Hut. For t..

$23.00 Ex Tax: $23.00

Star Birani with Chicken Roast

Send Gift to your Selected Person Famous Star Biryani (Full) with Chicken Roast for 2 person.* Same ..

$16.50 Ex Tax: $16.50

T Bone Steak to Bangladesh

Send tasty t bone steak to your friend and family in Bangladesh on any special occasion. T Bone..

$16.64 Ex Tax: $16.64

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