Luams Thai Fast Food

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Gai Pad Med-Mamung

 stir fried chicken, cashew nut and steam rice. It may be a decent dish for people who do not l..

$9.10 Ex Tax: $9.10

Kaeng Kiew-Wan Gai

Chicken with green curry, Coconut milk and steam rice. Thai green curry is fiery hot with a hint of ..

$9.20 Ex Tax: $9.20

Khao Pad Talay thai food

Fried rice with mixed sea foods and pong-Karee. It is a simple food but tasty. Order Khao Pad Talay ..

$7.80 Ex Tax: $7.80

Mee Krob RAD-NA

Mee Krob RAD-NA is crispy egg noodle topped with superb sauce, shrimp, chicken, straw mushroom, and ..

$8.10 Ex Tax: $8.10

Tom Yam Koong

Tom Yam Koong is a prawn soup with mushrooms flavored with galangal, Lemon grass, lemon Leaf. Send t..

$8.21 Ex Tax: $8.21

Yam Woon-Sen

Yum Woon-Sen is a tasty Thai food specially favorite to younger generation.You can surprise your spe..

$8.90 Ex Tax: $8.90

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